GeoAerospace Services

Aerial Photography


Utilising our fleet of drones and light aircraft we offer nationwide aerial surveys. With access to multiple sensors  i.e. LiDAR, RGB, multispec, hyperspec & thermal we can capture ortho-rectified imagery as low as 5cm GSD.

Digital Terrain/Surface Model


From our imagery and/or LiDAR, we can provide clients with Digital Terrain Models (a bare earth model) and Digital Surface Models (including above ground features such as buildings & trees).

LiDAR Point Clouds


Using the Riegl VUX1-LR LiDAR scanner we can capture between 400-700 points per meter on  board a UAV and 5-7 ppm on board our light aircraft. 

Satellite Data


We can access Copernicus Sentinel-2 to provide our clients with low-cost, coarser resolution, synoptic spaceborne data on a national scale. When combined with higher resolution drone data, end-user will now be able to exploit the combined information outputs of both - by fusing these spaceborne and airborne datasets together.

Data Hosting Platform


  Our geospatial platform can be used for viewing, analysing and sharing airborne data. It provides a simple yet powerful cloud based solution for managing, visualising, analysing and sharing complex 3D point clouds and datasets in a user friendly manner.

Automated Machine Learning


 Do you need to train airborne image data to carry out automated tasks i.e. count buildings/cars/objects? We can collect the imagery and train a model utilising our Machine-Learning (ML) classifier for a particular task. 

GeoAerospace Data Collection Process

1) Book a survey anywhere, anytime using the GeoAerospace survey booking portal


2) GeoAerospace collect the data using spaceborne and/or airborne methods


3) Once complete, you can analyse, download or share data from the GeoAerospace platform