GeoAerospace Team

Founded in 2016, GeoAerospace is a Maynooth University spin-out geospatial technology company comprising; commercial pilots, drone operators, surveyors, geospatial scientists, platform developers and software engineers. The goal of the company is to make cutting-edge spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial information-gathering technologies readily accessible to anyone – wherever and whenever they want it – all at an affordable price.

The company uses latest advances in spaceborne systems, light aircraft & drone platforms, sensor technologies and cloud computing to allow the end-user to specify exactly what they want in terms of mapping and monitoring services without having to deal with the complexities. 

The company is based outside Dublin, Ireland but already has an active role in a number of European countries.

With many of our staff originating from Maynooth University we strive to be at the cutting edge of geospatial and remote sensing technologies. This ensures that our customers are provided with the best possible results which can easily be integrated into other geospatial technologies.




Fearghus Foyle

Fearghus Foyle

Fearghus Foyle

Technology & Innovations

With a master’s in environmental planning and design, Fearghus has 10 years experience in the design and development of national infrastructure projects (road/renewables and large-scale urban development). His areas of expertise relate to land use management and change.

His current role involves advancing the development of UAV technology and leading the integration of innovative solutions within GeoAerospace. He also acts as consultant to various state agencies, universities and commercial sector clients on integrating UAV technology into existing workflows for applications such as mapping/monitoring, surveillance, inspection, logistics and specialist services.


Sean Mannion

Fearghus Foyle

Fearghus Foyle

Flight Operations

Sean Mannion is Director of Operations at GeoAerospace and was one of the founders of the company in 2016. Sean has 20 years’ experience as an Engineer and 17 years in aviation. Sean has worked in a variety of lead engineering and management roles in numerous chemical and pharmaceutical industries sites and projects in Ireland and Europe.

Sean is a qualified Commercial Pilot and has five years’ experience in flight operations and data acquisition for aerial survey and holds an IAA Aerial Works permit. He has flown over 1,200 hours in flying fixed aircraft.


Bryan Deegan

Fearghus Foyle

Bryan Deegan

Project Management

Bryan has over 25 years’ experience working in Irish terrestrial and aquatic environments, providing ecological and GIS services to the State, Semi-State and industry.

Bryan is particularly experienced in the provision of project management for ecological and geospatial projects in difficult environments, with a necessity for strong logistical expertise, health & safety and planning. He also has extensive experience in ecological assessment, aquatic and terrestrial ecological surveying, GIS, remote sensing, aquatic sampling and underwater video (including GPS encoded video) and dataset collation.

Technical Support Team


Dr. Paul Lewis

Dr. Paul Lewis

Dr. Paul Lewis

Geospatial Platform Services

Paul has over 15 years of experience working and engaging with commercial and state organisations in the design, development and delivery of software solutions. His background is in Computer Science & Software Engineering with extensive experience in the development and delivery of geospatial-multimedia web-applications, large-scale spatial database deployment and specification writing for systems implementation. He currently coordinates key elements of GeoAerospace’s cloud-platform management and ongoing activities; working alongside a core team of specialists drawn from geoinformatics and computer science. He completed a PhD. in Computer Science and Geocomputation in 2009 at the National Centre for Geocomputation in Maynooth University.


Aidan MaGee

Dr. Paul Lewis

Dr. Paul Lewis

Remote Sensing

Aidan is an Earth Observation specialist (currently completing his PhD) focusing on research and development to improve the accuracy of Earth Observation data & Geoinformation Web Services. With a background in Earth Observation and Environmental Science, he is uniquely positioned to collate and analyse remotely sensed data recorded over a variety of environments. Within GeoAerospace, his main role is to coordinate aerial/drone data processing activities and ensure these workflows produce high quality data and geoinformation outputs. Aidan’s other research interests revolve around developing Convolution Neural Networks for feature extraction from both spaceborne and drone sensor imagery and he is involved in a number of projects including:

• Earth Observation: Satellite, Airborne & Terrestrial Mapping Systems

• Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Drones

• Photogrametric Data analysis (Orthomosaics & DSM/DTM)

• Satellite Derived Bathymetry (Costal Water Depth from satellite imagery)


Rebekah Burke

Dr. Paul Lewis

Rebekah Burke

 Software Development (Data & Information Services) 

Rebekah is a geospatial data scientist & web developer within GeoAerospace and is leading the development of the GeoAerospace platform. 

This includes full-stack design of our cloud-based remote sensing platform which allows clients to order remote sensing surveys; receive automatic alerts when their survey is complete; view, analyse and manage the outputs of these surveys within the platform. She works closely with the data management team to automate the workflows involved in planning surveys based on user input, including processing and adding the resulting data to the platform for access by clients. This also entails accounting for a wide range of data produced such as variations in optical imagery and 3D data.

Rebekah's day to day role involves providing ongoing support and development of bespoke platform functionality to cater for the rapidly changing needs of clients and the back-end team.


Sean O'Kane


Geospatial Data Analysis and Field Technician

With a masters in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Sean provides technical support with data collection (field work) and data processing. 

He supports all aspects of the technical team's workload, with specific interest in GIS, remote sensing, and image processing. Sean has a high proficiency in various GIS based tools such as ArcGIS, QGIS, ERDAS Imagine, SNAP, Agisoft & LiDAR Software (MMCapture, MMProcess, AeroOffice, GrafNav, and Bentley Microstation (with Terra Office)).

His current research focuses on Python Programming, Java Programming (10 ECTS Credits), SQL, R & LaTex and his broader research topics includes coastal/marine remote sensing of water quality indicators; environmental modelling and machine learning.